Back Story - Blade Runner.

In the first of a regular blog feature I pull an image out of the archive and discuss a little of the who, what, when, where and why behind the image.

This Image of Oscar Pistorius was taken in 2012 just before the London Olympics. The commission was for a leading UK sports magazine and I had an hour or so with the star sprinter up at the Lea Valley athletics track in North London. Everyone always asks what he was like. In reality all leading sportsmen that I have met have a similar personality trait; professional yet single minded.

Oscar was very friendly, charming even. A little short tempered at my insistence on getting the blades in all of the pictures “its about the time I put in, not the blades”. I arrived early and checked out the venue for locations. Using a different number of lighting set ups to speed the shoot along and provide a level of diversity in the final set. The images were used on the cover and inside spreads and have been syndicated globally.

Oscars murder charge is set to be heard in South Africa in March.