Evelyn Stevenson and Corinne Evans

Here are two previously unpublished images of weightlifter Evelyn Stevenson and surfer Corinne Evans, shot for Sport magazine. The image of Corinne was taken at Big Sky looking back towards central London. Sad news that Sport magazine has closed. They really were great people to shoot for.

Manchester City

I recently took a trip to Manchester City’s Etihad Training Campus, where the team’s youngsters are coached and moulded to hopefully make the main adult team, after a gruelling recruitment process. These images are featured in the March edition of Etihad’s in-flight magazine, Atlas.

Sarah Brown for Director magazine

To mark International Women’s Day, I was sent up to Edinburgh a few weeks back to photograph Sarah Brown. She was speaking to Director magazine about her new campaign for gender equality, women in leadership and politics. Here are a few images from the shoot.