Michael Page for Sport Uncovered

An image of MMA fighter Michael ‘Venom’ Page, as part of my ongoing project with Sport Uncovered. The light trails showing movement were all done in camera. Of his sport Michael says, “A lot of people are in the industry chasing something. I don’t chase it, I do what I do and things come to me.”

Some other favourites from the project are below:

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Jon Bon Jovi

This portrait of Jon Bon Jovi was taken in his hotel room in London when he was on tour. To date, Jon has released two solo albums and twelve studio albums with his band, which have sold over 130 million copies worldwide.

Global Representation

Very excited to announce that I have signed a global representation deal with Hancock & Handsome, the newly launched photographic sister agency of the highly respected illustration house Handsome Frank.

 For existing customers this will not result in any change – we will continue to shoot and produce in-house. It does however mean I will have the drive of some very experienced agents knocking on doors in places we would otherwise not be able to reach; not only in London but worldwide.

James Hancock, Jon Cockley and Tom Robinson will run the agency, drawing on their extensive experience in the creative fields.

It’s a great honour to be asked on board alongside a set of amazing photographers. You can check out their wonderful illustrators at www.handsomefrank.com and see the photographic agencies sparkly new site at www.hancockandhandsome.com

Launch Video Below:

Director magazine

This portrait of Dame Stephanie Shirley, a former child refugee, information technology pioneer and philanthropist, was taken for Director magazine, for their cover and main feature. Dame Shirley was shot at her home using Kino Flo on the 5Dsr…I’m a big fan of her earrings.