Steinhoff International

I was tasked with photographing Managing Director Alan Williams, of Steinhoff International, for the inaugural edition of their in-house magazine. Steinhoff are currently undergoing some restructuring, to pull together all their affiliates under one umbrella. The magazine provides a good opportunity for Alan to introduce himself to readers in this time of change. As is often the case with senior figures, we only had a short amount of time to capture Alan (who was attending a conference), so needed to pre-light and pre-test everything in advance.

Sport Uncovered

Here are photos of ultra-runner Robbie Britton and golfer Carly Booth for my ongoing work with the Sport Uncovered series. I’m always looking at creative ways to showcase athletes in their ‘natural’ form. Carly’s extensive yoga training has helped her hone her technique for this incredible pose, whilst the use of space in Robbie’s shot symbolises the incredibly long distances he covers as a runner and the mental isolation he endures.

To see the full series, click here.


Fabulous Magazine

We shot a number of leading female athletes for Fabulous, in the run up to the Olympics. Smoke was used to add some GB drama. All post-production was handled in-house, shooting the subject and smoke separately for obvious health and safety reasons. Below is one of the finished images of Becky Downie, as well as a behind the scenes of the smoke shoot.

Andrew Boff

A couple of images from a shoot featuring politician Andrew Boff. Shot at his office in London’s iconic City Hall building. We used the impressive interior staircase to add some drama to the wider shot before opening up for the tighter images.


Anna Chancellor

Anna Chancellor on the cover of Saga Magazine. We shot Anna in an upstairs room at The Old Vic Theatre in London using gels to create a dreamy look and feel.

Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria Modesta on the cover of German electronics giant Saturn’s print magazine. Modesta wears a prosthetic made by Sophie Oliveira Barata from the Alternative Limb Project. You can see Sophie giving a Ted Talk on the subject below: