Runner’s World shoot

This shoot, a commission for Runner’s World, showcased the 8 most improved amateur runners in the UK. We shot at White Rabbit Studio and managed the shoot from subject liaison to post production. The pictures were taken with a shallow depth of field to really draw the viewer in; all wearing Asics. Behind the scenes video from the shoot below.


Here are a few images from a recent shoot for Philips to promote their new range of vacuum cleaners. Brand ambassador Aggie MacKenzie, a face known to many, was really great to work with. We managed the full shoot, from hair and makeup right through to all studio and lighting logistics and post.

Fashion and Beauty

I have recently been working with 4 of the biggest fashion and beauty bloggers in partnership with leading cosmetic surgery firm Transform.

Transform are investing £770k into the new patient stories campaign across a range of media.

We produced all aspects of the shoot in-house from styling to location scouting.

“This is a significant and groundbreaking campaign not only for us but for the UK cosmetic surgery industry, ” said Steven Taylor, marketing director at Transform:

“We are moving towards a more subtle and sophisticated way of marketing to an increasingly discerning audience. The Bloggers include Sarah Ashcroft, Monikh Dale, Lydia E. Millen and Scarlet Dixon, who have a combined audience reach of more than 1 million.”

Fellaini – Manchester United

Recent Images of Marouane Fellaini-Bakkioui. The Belgian and Manchester United star recently defended his playing style insisting his game was physical but fair. The 28-year-old escaped a ban after appearing to elbow Emre Can in the Europa League last-16 first leg. We traveled up to Manchester converting a room at The Lowry Hotel into our temporary studio for the shoot.

Brussels, Bucharest and Budapest

A recent commission that involved three location shoots in Brussels, Bucharest and Budapest. Exploring the rapidly expanding street truck food scene. Food trucks are rapidly challenging more traditional restaurants and are fast becoming the logical step for young chefs wanting autonomy and creative control.

As we were shooting out of season for the coming summer months a huge thanks to all those who willingly took part. Trying to capture summer images in the depths of winter is always a challenge but with the right lighting and logistics something that can be achieved.

Surfacing – Personal Project

A recent personal project entitled Surfacing. All the models were shot wearing delicate Peter Pan Collars to tie the shoot together. The dark tear was added at the last moment using a acrylic makeup product and allowed to flow.