Gdansk – Alexander Mann

A recent trip to Gdansk on the Baltic coast in Poland for Alexander Mann at the launch of their new offices. A two day shoot with key members of staff to capture library images to use across various marketing and promotional material for the company.


Recent images for the ongoing Sport Uncovered series:
Danielle Wyatt – Cricketer, 24: “I was 18 when I made my senior debut in Mumbai, India. I was dead thin back then. No muscle, no strength. But within six months of me being around the England set-up, they had me on a strength programme. Now I can hit sixes out of the park. It will always be more about technique for me, though. The girls who are naturally bigger can just go ‘bang’. But little girls like me, we’ve got to have the right technique. It’s all about timing.”
Jake Ball – Rugby player, 24: “I used to be a cricketer. When I was about 15, I stopped playing rugby and went out to Western Australia to train with their cricket academy. I was a fast bowler – built really differently to how I am now. Back then I weighed around 92kg and had hardly any body fat on me. Now I’m 123kg.”

Gary Lineker

A recent shoot with Gary Lineker shot at the new BT Sport studios at the Olympic Park in Stratford. Two images have been used for two versions of the newly reworked Sport magazine: out TODAY (4th March) across the capital and key transport hubs around the UK. Below are the published covers and behind the scenes pictures showing the set-up used in producing the final images.