James Haskell for Forever Sports

Another shoot with England international James Haskell. Shot at White Rabbit the cover and extensive feature spread focused on James’ fitness regime and training program. We shot low key images with raking side light to show off James physique.


Ella Woodward for You Magazine

A recent cover shoot for You Magazine with leading health food blogger Ella Woodward aka Deliciously Ella. Shot at The Worx in West London. Her blog receives 6 million hits a month and she has 400, 000 followers on Instagram. The main reason for Deliciously Ella’s success is Woodward’s own story: she suffered from postural tachycardia syndrome,  which can cause debilitating dizziness and blurred vision. She was laid up in bed for almost a year and says her change in diet – along with exercise – has been key to her recovery.


A recent commission from the private banking arm of Investec. We shot some relaxed and engaging portraits of their wealth mangers for use across print collateral. On location at Thompson Hotel in Belgravia.






The latest cover of Easyjet Traveller shot Cell Studios with the lovely Ben Hudson from Rage Models. Juliana Sergot expertly providing the OTT sun tan. We original shot with a wider crop in mind but they were bold and cropped hard. A fun and humorous image to brighten a dull January.


Miami’s Answer To Forrest Gump?

On a recent shoot in Miami I came across Robert ‘Raven’ Kraft. He has been running on Miami beach every day since the 1st of January 1975. Every day, without fail. He now attracts a small group of followers who join him in his daily jaunt.

Robert keeps meticulous records and 2431 runners have joined him so far from 81 Countries. They all get a unique nickname which he shouts out as he introduces everyone as they set off.  A lovely find, run by Norwegian and Air Berlin.

Sian Williams for C5

Sian Williams pictured for C5 as she moves from The BBC to to present the 5′oclock news. Shot at Channel Five’s broadcast suite in-between live transmissions. We handled the post production taking the computer generated ‘studio’ grab and shooting Sian on green screen for the landscape comp below.