Sport Uncovered

The first in a long series. I have spent the last year getting leading figures in the world of UK sport to shed the Lycra and pose naked. A celebration of the body at its peak. Sport magazine will be featuring one image every two weeks, both female and male – abled bodies and from Paralympic disciplines. Follow this
 link to see the set in the projects section of my website as it grows….Read an article in the Daily Mail on the shoot here.



Campaign Images

A recent commission for Kite to shoot their latest campaign. We also handled all aspects of production working with stylist Alice Timms and art director Chris Bell.  We devised an angular shooting style using a gobo technique to creative dramatic light streaks behind the subjects, mirroring the brands logo and complementing the new metal range.

Sterling Cover

A recent cover of Forever Sports featuring England international Raheem Sterling. We shot in Liverpool after his daily training session not at Anfield but the close-by Aintree. It was one of Raheem’s first major cover shoots as he cements his place as one of England’s most exciting young players.

Techcrunch / Kurobuta

A couple of cuts from ES Magazine. I spent a couple of days at a techcrunch internet start up conference, where the next twitters vie for funding from angel investors. The second spread features Australian chef Scott Hallsworth and the staff of his London restaurant Kurobuta.