John Griffin

A recent image from a set with John Giffin. John started his company, Addison Lee, from a single taxi in the mid 1970′s before selling it last year. We shot this at his wonderful new home overlooking Regents Park. John had a great story to tell not least his wife’s emotional reaction when they moved into their gorgeous home a mile or so away from her childhood council flat in Camden. A real gent he turned to my assistants as we left and said: “right who wants a taxi home, my shout”.


Jim Broadbent

Oscar winning actor Jim Broadbent photographed at the new BBC Television Center in Central London to promote his new 2 part drama based on the great train robbery of the 1960′s.

Times Weekend Covers

Here are a couple of covers for The Times Weekend section. The first is of Leon founder Allegra Mcevedy at home with her daughter. The second drinks expert Alice Lascelles. You may spot the same xmas light appearing in both…The hardest working props in publishing.

Night Shoot – Drivers

Here is a recent behind the scenes video of a shoot for leading London transportation company Addison Lee. The image, to be used across their corporate literature, was produced to show off their range of vehicles and drivers. We used a multi-shot stitch approach to show each car and driver off at their very best.

You can view the video here: Night Shoot – Drivers